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About Us

Our mission at Madagascar Pet Services is to provide a nurturing and comfortable environment for your pet. We specialize in making your pets feel their best with specialized and customizable services. 

Founder and head groomer, Rosy has more than 8 years of grooming knowledge and more than a decade of veterinarian experience in her home country before moving to the US. 



*New York City requires us to keep your pet's up to date Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccination records. Owners must either bring in a copy or email it to us at prior to their visit

Bath + Brush

Includes a bath, basic shampoo, blow dry and up to 15 minutes of brushing

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Dental Scaling

Service includes the scraping of teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup, no anesthesia used

*Not applicable for cats

Cute Papillon Dog

Medical Baths

We use safe, gentle and environmentally friendly formulas to help treat fleas, ticks and irritated skin (includes an additional $15 fee to the Bath price)

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Full Grooming

 Includes everything in a Bath + Brush package plus: clipper work, a pawdicure, ear cleaning + plucking


Package includes nail clipping, nail buffing and the removal of excess toe hair as well as a paw trim

Happy Puppy

Anal Gland Expression

Service includes checking and external expressing of anal glands- this process eliminates discomfort, odor and prevents infection

*Not applicable for cats

Ear Cleaning + Plucking

Service includes basic ear cleaning and the removal of excess hair from the ear canal to help prevent ear infections

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Tooth Brushing 

Teeth cleaning with toothpaste to prevent the build up of plaque + freshen breath

Neva Masquerade Cat

Tear Stain Cleaning

This service is the perfect way to get rid of tear stains while providing a calming experience​ for your furry friend

*Please note that the only scissor work will be of/around tear stains

NOTE: These prices do not include NYC and NYS taxes which will be added at checkout

*Bath and Full Grooming prices may vary depending on the length and condition of the hair (if extra time is needed to dematt, dry, and groom), as well as the behavior of your pet (if extra time is needed for safety). 

*A Dematting Fee, starting at $15, will be included in instances of intermediate to severe matting or when instructed to keep hair long when hair condition makes it difficult, as it requires more time, care and wear and tear on equipment.

*The use of de-shedding shampoo and extra de-shedding work includes an additional $22 fee.

*Medical Baths include an additional $25 fee.


What We're Up To

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